General (safety) conditions

  1. Entering of buildings/sites of Real Axe Throwing (RAT) and participating in the activities that RAT offers, can entail health risks and therefore cause damage to goods and possible (serious) physical injury. Entering and using these activities is therefore entirely at your own risk and does not in any way hold RAT liable for damage of the visitor of any nature whatsoever, unless the visitor can prove that this is the direct result of gross negligence, intent or negligence of RAT.
  2. A Waiver must be signed prior participation.
  3. Participation in these activities requires a certain physical and mental condition of the participants. It is up to the participant themselves to judge whether they meet this requirement; think about certain medical conditions that stand in the way of safe participation. If you have any doubts about this, please contact RAT in advance so that this can be determined in consultation.
  4. Participation in the activities of RAT is allowed from the age of 18.
  5. Every visitor/participant must take note of the safety video before participating in activities. This is shown on the website, but is also at the location.
  6. While participating in the activities of RAT it is mandatory to wear closed shoes, so no high heels and preferably comfortable clothing.
  7. Instructions and orders from the instructors during participation must be followed up at all times.
  8. The use of alcohol, drugs or other substances that endanger the participant and its environment during the stay at RAT are strictly prohibited. They can therefor been rejected to continue their stay at RAT. Smoking within this area is also prohibited.
  9. Except in the event of intent and/or gross negligence, RAT is not liable for theft, damage and/or loss of the visitor’s goods; neither in the case if a safe has been used.
  10. For the damage of the visitor/participant, of any nature whatsoever, that arises from the non-compliance or insufficient compliance with all the aforementioned rules, the visitor/participant RAT indemnifies any claim with regard to third parties engaged by it.
  11. Taking photos and videos are allowed, only if they are able to be taken from another court or at a safe distance.
  12. The instructors or the management of RAT reserve the right to deny access to the RAT accommodation to persons who do not comply with the above rules.